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Connecting with energy……

Releasing art into the world can be a daunting experience, especially if the content of the piece has the power to raise eyebrows or upset people. Unfortunately (or is it fortunately…?) my art falls into this category. – At least in my neck of the woods it does.

The Sweetest Dragon

My paintings have always tried to capture the intimacy in relationships. I’ve strived to create something that people connect with on a sensual level, leaving them feeling exposed or vulnerable, even awkward at viewing the work, as layers of appropriateness are pushed to one side and hopefully some sort of a related state is formed. My paintings, although usually about people I know, are common states that we all experience. They represent an exposed state but in it’s hidden form. As an example when you meet someone today it’s unlikely you will know their struggles, pain or anguish, yet it’s right there in front of you. Hidden yet exposed.  – My goal is always to have someone say internally. “I’ve been there. – I’ve experienced this. – I get it.”

That being said, the other day a viewer of my paintings said, “why do you always paint boobs and balls?”

Although there was a part of me that wanted to explain myself, I resisted.

Inside I thought….

Is that really what you see?
Is that really ALL you see?

I can’t help being stunned that something so beautiful has been broken down to it’s most basic understanding of form.

Do you see the statue of David and talk just about his wiener?
When you look at the Birth of Venus do you dwell on the nudity?
Perhaps look up at the Sistine Chapel and comment on the fact that Adam has no clothes?

Whilst of course I don’t compare my paintings to these famous works of art and perhaps my art is a little more stark, the premise still remains.
I’m capturing stories of beauty; Connection and love; Emotion and sensual pleasure that arouses the mind and the heart as much as the eyes.

Surely you don’t look at Salvador Dali’s “The great mastubator” and just see sex? or see Hans Bellmer’s “The machine gunneress in a state of grace” and just see tits and ass?
Do you? Perhaps you do! Perhaps therein lies the problem! 🙂

Salvador Dali – The Great Masturbator

Hans Bellmer – The machine-gunneress in a state of grace

So as I look to the future of what and how I paint I can see that I’M the one that’s going to have to change. I’m the one that’s going to have to push past the fear of remaining ‘appropriate’ because there’s no way I’m going to let my art get capped by mindsets so narrow.

Written with love.


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