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Connecting with energy……

Being a creative is certainly a wondrous gift. It’s a portal of expression that allows us the opportunity to release things that, for many others, are trapped inside – both positive and negative. That being said, having this creative expression can also be an incredibly weight-filled burden, ironically for the exact same reasons as it’s a gift. Because of this creatives are particularly prone to manic highs and lows as they get pulled through this experience called life.

Here are five tips for creatives on keeping your energy high

1. Working out:

This is one that so many don’t do; usually stating that they don’t have the energy to do it, when in fact the WORKING OUT IS THE VERY THING THAT CREATES THE ENERGY! You just need to make waking up in the morning and moving into a habit. Make it the first thing that you do. Get up whatever time you need to for this to work. In my case I get up at 5:30am, but if that didn’t work I’d get up at 4! You must make this a priority. I started at the beginning of the year and with exception to physical injury, I’ve pretty much walked every day since. I’ve lost 25lbs and I feel GREAT! (the weight loss is not something I tried for by the way… it’s a side effect.) I’ve noticed a MASSIVE change in my energy and I know that energy in turn has effected others.

2. Staying around the right people:

It’s important to be around other people that have good energy. By that I mean they talk well of others and try to limit gossip to a minimum. I’ve been very intentional to NOT put myself around people that overly complain and fuss about minutia. You can’t believe how much energy that will sap from you. They say that the five people you are most around define the person you become. Well… consider your five. See where you’re at.

3. Listening or reading books:

I’m not a fan of reading. I never have been. It’s almost pitiful the amount of books I’ve read in my lifetime, however since the beginning of the year (and this the is the secret to my success with working out by the way!) I’ve been listening to audiobooks. I’ve found that as I walk my brain would fill up with stuff anyway, so why not be intentional about what it filled up with! This has been a game changer for me because I get up to READ more than to work out. If anything I’m working out my mind and my body just happens to be coming along for the ride!

4. Eating Healthy:

Food is fuel. If you eat garbage, your body is going to struggle with performing at peak because of it. Now I’m FAR from a health freak. I pretty much eat whatever I want. That being said I’ve worked hard on putting ‘what I want’ around me much more than what I don’t. I’m always thinking to myself “what kind of fuel is this…?” before I put it in my mouth. YES… even with cheese dip and chips…. I consider it and realize I”m clogging up my system, so make sure it’s only something that happens once in a while. Bad eating is another huge cause of sapping your energy, so just recognize that.

5. Finding a “WE”

With all the ventures I’ve been involved with, none are ever as successful as when you find someone to pair up with that believes what you believe and wants to work to attain the same goal as you. For me finding my “WE” was as big as “starting with why.” Are you a creative going through this search for success alone? It’s hard.. isn’t it? Have you ever tried walking into a room and saying, “Look at my art… look at me! – It’s good isn’t it? I’m good… aren’t I?!” It just doesn’t work. Now have you ever tried doing the same but for someone else? Look at how the flow of energy becomes alive and beneficial to the audience as much as yourself. Finding your WE is the game changer for your creative self.

If you follow these five tips and keep your conscious awareness high, you’ll see dramatic changes in your creative journey.
With love.


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