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Why are creatives horrible at business?

Although it’s a generality to make this claim (and there are certainly some exceptions)  creatives of all genres are pretty abysmal when it comes to marketing and business.

Why is that?… and how can this be remedied?

The biggest issue creatives face are the emotions tied around their work. Emotions do crazy things to all of us; but particularly creatives; messing around with the logic and sound practices of getting your creativeness sold.

Here’s some of the common issues:

  1. You think your work is better than other peoples so you’re not going to put it out there unless it’s going to be featured with no-one else around! You deserve the spotlight and you’re not prepared to share.
  2. You think your work is not as good anyone else’s and you don’t deserve to be anywhere – it’s rubbish or unworthy!
  3. You fear people not liking your work or getting harsh reviews about it.
  4. You don’t know how to price your work and therefore find yourself under or overvaluing it.
  5. You struggle to ‘boast’ about what you’re doing because YOU SELLING YOU is never a pretty sight!

These are just a few of the many emotions (feel free to post more) that I’m sure you’ve experienced and they can be crippling to your progress as an revenue-generating and in turn ‘successful’ creative. – at least from a BUSINESS PROSPECTIVE.

Ironically however when it comes to selling other creatives that you admire and respect all these issues seem to fade away – why is that? Could it be that you are viewing the art without emotion and all the invisible scripts racing around in your head? The business of selling art seems a lot more simple when it’s not your art… right? Have you noticed how this applies to relationships too. Aren’t other people’s relationships so much easier to ‘fix’ than your own???!

SO WHAT TO DO….? – drum roll………!


This could be one of the biggest steps you can take; Finding a person that believes in your creative energy and wants to help you get it out there. Your goal in turn is to see how you can help your “WE” as your “WE” helps you! Even stoners know to puff and pass and this can be no exception with your business alliance! If you sit there just puffing… you’re going to end up alone. 🙂 Perhaps it would be good if your “WE” has a little more business sense or another strength you can learn from them also.

I’m passionate about people finding their “WE” and I’m passionate about being other people’s “WE.” ALL the businesses ventures I’ve ever been a part of that have been truly successful ALWAYS (Yes… ALWAYS) have had a “WE” that believes what they believe and wants to make the creation a success. – Look around if you don’t think that’s true. FEW IF ANY MAKE IT ALONE!

I will post on the importance of “WE” more in later blogs, but give this some serious thought as you move forward with your the business side of your creativity!



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