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Being a creative is certainly a wondrous gift. It’s a portal of expression that allows us the opportunity to release things that, for many others, are trapped inside – both positive and negative. That being said, having this creative expression can also be an incredibly weight-filled burden, ironically for the exact same reasons as it’s a gift. Because of this creatives are particularly prone to manic highs and lows as they get pulled through this experience called life.

Here are five tips for creatives on keeping your energy high

1. Working out:

This is one that so many don’t do; usually stating that they don’t have the energy to do it, when in fact the WORKING OUT IS THE VERY THING THAT CREATES THE ENERGY! You just need to make waking up in the morning and moving into a habit. Make it the first thing that you do. Get up whatever time you need to for this to work. In my case I get up at 5:30am, but if that didn’t work I’d get up at 4! You must make this a priority. I started at the beginning of the year and with exception to physical injury, I’ve pretty much walked every day since. I’ve lost 25lbs and I feel GREAT! (the weight loss is not something I tried for by the way… it’s a side effect.) I’ve noticed a MASSIVE change in my energy and I know that energy in turn has effected others.

2. Staying around the right people:

It’s important to be around other people that have good energy. By that I mean they talk well of others and try to limit gossip to a minimum. I’ve been very intentional to NOT put myself around people that overly complain and fuss about minutia. You can’t believe how much energy that will sap from you. They say that the five people you are most around define the person you become. Well… consider your five. See where you’re at.

3. Listening or reading books:

I’m not a fan of reading. I never have been. It’s almost pitiful the amount of books I’ve read in my lifetime, however since the beginning of the year (and this the is the secret to my success with working out by the way!) I’ve been listening to audiobooks. I’ve found that as I walk my brain would fill up with stuff anyway, so why not be intentional about what it filled up with! This has been a game changer for me because I get up to READ more than to work out. If anything I’m working out my mind and my body just happens to be coming along for the ride!

4. Eating Healthy:

Food is fuel. If you eat garbage, your body is going to struggle with performing at peak because of it. Now I’m FAR from a health freak. I pretty much eat whatever I want. That being said I’ve worked hard on putting ‘what I want’ around me much more than what I don’t. I’m always thinking to myself “what kind of fuel is this…?” before I put it in my mouth. YES… even with cheese dip and chips…. I consider it and realize I”m clogging up my system, so make sure it’s only something that happens once in a while. Bad eating is another huge cause of sapping your energy, so just recognize that.

5. Finding a “WE”

With all the ventures I’ve been involved with, none are ever as successful as when you find someone to pair up with that believes what you believe and wants to work to attain the same goal as you. For me finding my “WE” was as big as “starting with why.” Are you a creative going through this search for success alone? It’s hard.. isn’t it? Have you ever tried walking into a room and saying, “Look at my art… look at me! – It’s good isn’t it? I’m good… aren’t I?!” It just doesn’t work. Now have you ever tried doing the same but for someone else? Look at how the flow of energy becomes alive and beneficial to the audience as much as yourself. Finding your WE is the game changer for your creative self.

If you follow these five tips and keep your conscious awareness high, you’ll see dramatic changes in your creative journey.
With love.


My experience of being an artist is anguish-filled with frustration.  Each day I surf and find artists all talking more and more loudly as a metaphoric haystack of needles seeming to not say much at all, yet incessantly nattering on regardlessly. 

You must from time to time also be thinking this…   
Would i stand out more in this needle-stack if i just returned to being straw? And what do I have that’s worth saying in this arena, as I forever sense guilt for the carbon foot print of materials I continue to burn.

I try to blog. Another hoop of suggestion to jump through, but for what reason? For you or for myself? If for you…why? Just to relate it to your life of you-ness? If for me, why? Am I really that self-absorbed in my absolution? Surely if I was, then I would be doing that and not talking about it.  

 The majority of art now throughly bores me, almost as much as my own can. Is there really nothing left to paint that ten or more other artists aren’t already doing?  Do I paint to release joy or out of total disgust and expression of struggle, experiencing the mundaneness of life and seemingly waste of meaningful existence?

How can any of us be content with needle art that sounds like mindless verbal grey drivel? Be honest about your art to yourself. Is it really worth the price of it’s footprint?

The truth is I don’t know if I have what it takes or what IT is even. Whatever I paint it never feels like enough. Never right… More a con than a creation. 

As I desire to love art, I find myself hating it more passionately. I AM art and it eats into me, as I try to move it and feel it burning into me like acid, always telling me I’m behind, I’m wrong and untalented. Untrained. A fake.  I’m a fraud and a no-one.

Who can wonder therefore why I have such anger inside me because of it.

“So stop”perhaps you might say. But to stop would mean to stop my breath. It’s in me like my thoughts that bury me in constant over analysis.

So ends another pointless vomit-filled spew of verbal diarrhea.       


This seems like such a fitting post since I’ve not written in a while.

  • Does your brain race around telling you all the things you need to be doing?
  • Do you tell your friends that you don’t have time to go out or ‘have fun’ because you’ve got so much to do? (then stay home and wonder where the evening went!)
  • …or that you would if you could but you’re too far behind? (Have you EVER been in front?!)

I’ll go one further….

  • Is your brain actually going so fast that if you really stop and think… it’s absolutely impossible to see the imagery of what it’s telling you you’re supposed to be doing?

This is a good one to realize and admit, as when I’m asked what I’m thinking, the majority of the time it’s actually NOTHING RECOGNIZABLE, or something immediately in front of me. (or boobs! 🙂 )

Distractions (like this blog!) are very real. They dip into your day and astronomically pull from that precious pot known as your creativity time. Back in the days when people were slaves building pyramids, time was spend for them, so things of worth were completed for others. These days however with Youtube, Facebook and the entertainment section of ABC News, the slaves (yes, I said it!) run low on excuses to use ‘distractions’ as their reason for not creating.


Make an effort to push all you do in the same direction you want to head… even in the broadest sense. Or try to figure out how whatever you are doing is, or COULD help you get to that goal of being successful with art.

If you are an artist at heart, but your bread-maker is in sales, I can’t think of a better need for an artist than to be good at selling. (especially selling themselves.) Think about that as you sell. If you work around people as you interact, think about how that might benefit you art-wise. When you travel, whip out a small sketchpad and draw (unless you have a steering wheel in front of you…. ), and if kids are always around you, get up a little earlier and get some personal time in there. (like I’m doing right now!)

I have a new appreciation of just how much time children can take up from creating… or actually getting ANYTHING done other than fulfilling their needs. If that’s the case, then try to show them what you do. TEACH and grow them. You’ll be amazed how much you learn about your process as you do as well as getting an opportunity to create a little too. Teach them the full process from drawing to painting to scanning to presenting. They’ll love it… (because it’s better than anything on Disney!) and you’ll have the fullfillment of presenting your passion.

Don’t let distractions stop you. Find a way to apply them into your overly-distracted, creative life.

Written by Adam Parsons at

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Breaking Out

Do you paint to pay the bills?
Do you paint because you don’t know how to do anything else?
Do you paint because you’ve got something in you and you’ve got to get it out?
Do you paint because you love to do it and you can’t stop yourself?
Do you see the next piece of paper or canvas as a glorious opportunity for creativeness or just another white thing that needs to have color on it to make you some $$?

Stop and think about WHY you are painting. Are you even enjoying the position you’re putting yourself in to?

Life is short if you don’t love painting, go do something else!

How much time do you spend creating?

If you’re anything like me, it’s a LOT. Having people around you that not only understand this is part of who you are, but also support your goals are priceless gifts and it’s important that you stop and thank them for being who they are.

When was the last time that you did that?
Make it a priority to express your gratitude.

There are times when you just wonder if you’ve got what it takes, even if you’ve had small glimpes of success already and the momentary high of when it was all poppin’ has all but worn off.

Other people often seem to have it so much more together than you do.
They’ve got a bigger resume of successes, an artist statement to die for. They went to the right college, have the right degree and been in the biz for the right length of time. Look at all of those clients they have! They’re SOMEONE! Not to mention that fancy website and super blog! The list of intimidations goes on and on. (and on!)

It’s good to remember as your creative mind runs wild that perception doesn’t usually equal reality Everyone had to have a starting point. There are lots of late bloomers in the art world and besides, look how far you’ve come already. I always think of the incredible yet disturbing imagery of Bacon. Totally untrained and wasn’t ‘found’ until his later years.

Few if any are handed the golden ticket Keep that in mind as you continue putting one foot in front of the other. You’ll get there.


Beauty that lacks

As you spend so many hours striving to ‘make it’, keep a few things in mind as you do.

Think about:
What you create.
How you create.
How often you create.

Most likely you are blessed with the opportunity to express how and what and where and when you like, giving your creations an incomparable visual beauty. Art is still a passion more than a business or an imposed deadline of ‘ten more like what sold last.’ Creating is pure joyful expression that may make you some income now and then, perhaps a little, perhaps a lot, but the main reason you create is because you have something important to state, and it just makes you feel so full and thankful.

Perspective is a powerful weapon when times seem trying.
Keep in mind how blessed you are to be in this moment. The future will always be there.