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The Balance of Belief

Have you ever said to yourself, “if people really knew the real me, it could be bad!” I think it’s fair to say that most of us think that, at least from time to time.

Could the same be said about your art?
Are you reluctant to paint or show what you’ve produced for fear of judgment?
Do your images have the potential to disgust or offend people?

Before you paint over them or choose to forever throw them into the back of your closet, consider how many times in the past that you’ve opened up with a glass of wine and bared your soul, only to find a deep meaningful state with someone you connected with.

Your art is no different.
Last year I had a show at a city hall. It was an extremely successful show until suddenly it was requested that half of it be taken down because of suggestive body parts. Reluctantly I did as I was told, only to later find that it was one person’s comment alone that caused them to be removed.

The vast majority of people WANT to connect, feel less alone and relate to some of the things you might fearfully state as ‘extreme.’
Be genuine to who you are


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Even if the hat fits

Although belonging to forums and being in co-op galleries can be great ways to show your art, be careful not to get lured into a world where no-one says anything slightly negative or challenging to your work.

Ask yourself, am I growing from this experience or am I just staying in the same place; swimming around in these ‘neat’ words of praise. It’s important to find people that motivate, challenge and push you past the barrage of empty compliments and genuinely want more from you because they see more IN you.

It’s natural to feel comfort when you find a home for your work…. like warm slippers and a loyal dog curled up by a crackling fireplace……. Just keep in mind it’s summer!

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No matter what you paint, the reason for it existing; the “why” element, always adds and enhances any creation.

Are you creating just to make a buck or because you have something you want to say to the viewer? Think about that as you paint. Giving meaning to anything you do increases it’s value on so many levels.

Collection – “TrainSpotting to Tokyo”

One great way to present your work to an audience is by connecting your creations to each other as a group. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with having random paintings hanging together, but there’s something quite intriguing about a group of artwork standing both alone and collectively at the same time.

Think for a moment of Picasso and all of his periods of art. The Blue Period. The Rose Period. The African-influenced Period and so on.

Presenting your work as a small collection based off a theme, a color scheme, a period in time or a personal story makes for an incredibly stimulating experience for your viewer, whilst giving you an opportunity to add another layer of depth to your work.

Click here to see another example of this.


There was a time when if you knew how to paint and your images were appealing that SOMEONE ELSE would take those images and do all the extra work to present it and make it happen for you. That ‘someone’ would be in the form of a curator or perhaps an agent that would find solutions for you, leaving you to do what you do best… create. Those days don’t appear to be now.

YOU are the only one that can really sell YOU…

which is tragic because unless you’re confidently full of yourself, it’s unlikely YOU are thinking you’re the best person for that job, which is hardly a good place to start.

Perhaps to boost that confidence a little ask yourself a few simple questions:

Are you ready to show the world what you’ve got?
How’s your portfolio looking?
Do you have it somewhere ready to go? (If you’re saying, “Hold on I’ll find it.. it’s propping up the TV,” then the answer is no!)
Do you have any web presence at all? (Not just a website, but are your paintings able to be seen from a viewers location?)

Your portfolio needs to be clean and up-to-date. Images need to be clear and crisp. No originals. (There’s too much responsibility with people receiving original artwork.)
Do you have a digital version of your portfolio? That’s HUGE. – You need to be able to show it, present it or send it almost immediately. (but don’t start sending it out randomly to every gallery or licensing company out there either… That may not be their submission guidelines and first impressions last! (Oh boy.. am I talking to you or talking to myself here?! It’s soooo tempting if you’re the excitable type.)

How’s your bio looking? – Is it up-to-date? What about your artist statement? – Is it still speaking for you as you feel today or is it a copy and paste from 7 years past?

If someone randomly on the street said. “I’m interested. Show me.”  Are you ready to be seen?

HEY! I’m interested. Show me!

Get your ducks in a row before you try to show.


  • Business card
  • Possible handouts or giveaways with your contact information.
  • Website
  • Portfolio
  • Something emailable (pdf: Export it to three sizes (small medium and large) to be ready for different clients.)

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Few things turn me on like a true jazz drummer. There’s something about the way they look almost asleep as they play, seemingly drifting in and out of consciousness as their drumsticks haphazardly fall onto the their instrument, miraculously keeping perfect time as they do. It’s so exciting for me to watch and I go out of my way not to ever talk to the drummers so that the fantasy of their craft stays mesmerizing, out-of-reach and fantastical.

Music alters our state. Whether you’re singing out loud in the car, humming in the shower, or enjoying it with a nice meal or a loved one.
Have you found music that pairs to your paintings? When it happens, it’s quite magical.

Words are another creative pairing potential. How many times have you seen a painting you just love, then immediately look to the left to read all about it?… or a painting catches your eye from a distance, then you get closer and read the title that just make you quiver with excitement… ooooo.. Been there…!
The words are almost as succulent as the piece. They create that ‘ping’ that makes your mouth water or stir your insides. Have you found words that pair to your paintings?

Pairing your art with other arts often brings your works to life. Food, Lighting and location play huge parts in helping your works to be fully recognized and appreciated.

Here’s an example.

Look at this piece of art.


Now get yourself a glass of wine, dim your lights, turn up your sound and click here.
It’s a whole other experience.

Pair your art. We’re dying to see how it looks.