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As I begin my first blog, I prod myself to make sure I stay positive in what I say. This is a tough time in my life to start out positive. I’m going to try to remain informative and realize that you are here for you… not me. What I have to say for the most part is quite irrelevant unless it’s something you can relate to your life. What you can get from me is really the only reason why you are here…. is it not? A famous speaker nailed it so well when he stated that really no one cares about you…. and it’s so true. People only care about you in the effect that you have upon THEM.

Similar to when a photograph is taken…. Don’t you check first to make sure YOU look ok to judge if a photo is ready for the world to see? If everyone else looks like crap but you look great, you’ll still post it and tag it on facebook most likely.


I’m starting this blog because I feel like I have so much to say, but, at the same time, and much like my paintings, I’m still oblivious to exactly what that is. To talk to my peers I’m supposed to know. I’m supposed to know why I paint what I do… and what it means, but then to hush about what the story is behind it because once again, people want to see the art and relate it to THEIR lives and not mine. The truth is that all my paintings have a very defined storyline by the time they are completed. Perhaps these stories will get more revealed at this blog unfolds. There’s very little abstraction in my abstract art if truth be told. It’s a lot more defined than it appears.

So naturally, as I begin I have so many things that I want to write about. Hundreds of things and ideas that pop into my head at any given moment but I will start with an odd one… A comical one…. but this is one I thought would make a good opener.


I see faces in just about anything. When I’m peeing in a toilet I look down to see the toilet seat and the bowl and instantly I see a face that I’m peeing into the mouth of!

Toilet Face

Do you see the face?

It is only me that sees these things?

When you look at a sink also I’m faced with another face staring right at me.

Sink face

Look carefully and you'll see the face

Time and again I see faces; in curtains, in patterns in wallpaper, in trees and on the floor in how random stones have fallen on the ground. This happens to me constantly and for some reason. Perhaps it’s the illustrator in me or the reason why I am one that’s created this little insanity.

I wanted to share this as my first blog.