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Picture if you will a man in a garden. He’s growing fresh vegetables to feed his family, keeping the weeds out and he finds a grub. He sees a robin in the tree and knows the robin loves grubs. What do you picture him doing? Does he get up with the grub and walk to the tree and try to feed the robin?… or does he simply put the grub out on his spade and let the robin come to feast?

You know the answer. The answer is the peace-filled natural flow of the world. – I picture my father so clearly who used to do this in his English garden when I was a boy. The robins would follow him down to the garden in the morning from the bird table, knowing he was going to dig up grubs. It was magical to watch them fly so close to him. He never reached out…. they always came to him… knowing that breadcrumbs on the table up by the house were tasty but worms and grubs down at the vegetable patch were where the feasting began! I can get quite choked up recalling that beauty….. I loved my father dearly.

Now imagine us with our creations (our grubs) and consider the peaceful nature current of life. Do you feel you align to the flow of nature or are you walking up to the tree trying to force feed that robin? I’ve been incredibly guilty of this… even lately as I try to add more people to my Facebook ‘likes’ – I go through my friends considering who I can show my art to without offending. After all, not everyone likes my grubs!

Perhaps I should  stop worrying about adding more and just put the grub out onto the spade and see who comes to IT.

I am told this by loved ones so I say this to you:

You can’t fathom how much you are loved by this world…. no matter how you may believe you don’t deserve to be, you and your creations are equally loved as they exposure the vulnerable you and quite often the vulnerable in us all. 

Think for a moment of the people that have embraced you and your creations. It’s magical to see them… no FEEL them around your art, isn’t it? It’s like they were meant to be together; like nothing could keep them apart. If you’ve ever felt that peaceful flow you’re smiling with warm understanding to these words I’m sure.

With that in mind:

For this next week I want to challenge you… and I will do this too. Perhaps you could post or PM me your realizations.

Be like my father. Go down the garden and put your grubs out on the spade…. and let the robins come to you.

with love.

Green Peace