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“Suspended” 2010

“Suspended” was a three-person show that toured through a number of galleries in central Indiana at the beginning of 2010, featuring the artwork of

Sayaka Ganz

Angela Leed

Adam Parsons

The show initially came from the fact that Sayaka’s incredible sculptures are often suspended from the ceiling. My collection within the show addressed more of the suspended forms of relationship; that of being alone, noticing someone, the initial courtship, the release, the flourishing peaks and sometimes, the devastating lows.

“Drunken Turmoil 5am which doesn’t add up to much.”

mixed medium on paper – 18” x 20” – $1,200

“Commonly Lost”

Mixed medium on paper -17” x 23” – $800


medium on paper – 19” x 26” – $1,500


mixed medium on canvas -18” x 20” – $4,000

“Private Emotions”

mixed medium on paper – 16” x 23” – $1,500

“Scratches of Exhaustion”

mixed medium on paper – 19” x 26” – $800

“Finally I annoy myself”

mixed medium on paper – 18” x 20” – $1,500

“Transitions to Tranquilty”

mixed medium on canvas – 48” x 60” – $4,500

Here is the show


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