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It’s not every day that you get to ‘found’ a new art movement. It’s not like you wake up one morning and think to yourself, “This is something I’m going to do!” and yet it happened on September 5th, 2012, and now that it’s in the world it’s hard to see how it not being here.

It began with Hazel Walker introducing me to Kenan Farrell in Indianapolis. He is an intellectual property and entertainment attorney as well as the President of IDADA. We met to discuss my art and after showing my very commercially viable illustrations, I found myself getting defensive when showing my paintings, telling him that some of them might be offensive to him.

After a short while Kenan said to me, “Which one of these is supposed to be offensive”… and it dawned on me that in fact NONE of them were…. not with the right viewer.

As I drove home I spoke to my friend Arifah on the phone. She’s an incredibly talented poet and she’s easy to turn to when I need to discuss creative issues regarding my art.

“so why do you feel the need to defend your art?” she asked me…. and so went the conversation about the “boobs and the balls”… a subject that I spoke on in a previous blog.

As I explained my art out, it suddenly hit me. Although there’s some incredible art and artists out there, the difference in the niche I have is that my art is very relationship driven and intimate. My art talks to the viewer and connects them to a relatable experience in their life. The paintings aren’t trying to be ‘good’ or ‘bad’ art from a quality of work standpoint. They’re about a connective state. This is why I paint; to make you see that an experience you’ve experienced is not always something you alone have been through. All too often, we’ve been there. We’ve felt that pain. We’ve climbed that mountain. We’ve lived that bliss. We’ve loved that hard.

The moment I saw my art in this new light I realized it was bigger than my work. It was an art movement because Arifah’s poetry has those same sentiments. We knew we’d hit on something big and a lot of cussing ensued!

Without a given title for this movement, the movement was understood by us both clearly! This was something new, or new for us at least, and once realized it couldn’t be unrealized.

From there we had to find a name for it. Not to own it or brand it. It’s not a business that needed a tagline or something we could call OURS. It’s not a club that only some can be in, no more than surrealism is a club, but rather a comprehension. It’s an understanding of an art form and all that was then required was to explain it clearly to others so it could be latched onto and understood… and many have… just from our verbal explanation but to make this grow it needed more.

So here it is, broken down into it’s most tangible form:


And She Stomped On Him Again

If you look at a piece of art and say.

  • Wow…. I’ve been there!
  • I’ve experienced that…
  • I’ve been hurt like that.
  • I’m not alone
  • That’s me

Then that is Intimatism!

  • If you create art capturing a person or people in a life experience, particularly one that stirs your emotions…

Then more than likely you are an Intimist.

  • If the relational emotions of people are at the core of your subject matter as you create…

Then your art may well have an intimistic flare to it.

Intimatism has the ability to be a powerful movement. It’s instantly relatable once you understand it and to the people we have spoken to about it we’ve yet to have someone that hasn’t nodded their head as they saw what it was, smiled in understanding  and realized it as a movement that’s not currently here. For my part it instantly made me less defensive. My paintings are intimistic! Of course they have bodies in the art. I’m trying to connect with you in an intimate, penetrative way; breaking down walls of hidden defenses. I am fully an intimist at my core and I look forward to meeting, searching for, finding and connecting with other intimists and intimistic appreciators in all forms of creation.

That said… Let’s make this movement something special and connect the world through this common fragility.
with love..


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